Executive development

There are some things that are hard to teach in a classroom setting. Leadership; how to have people follow you and support you, how to motivate and inspire, how to make tough choices, how to build teams and gain the respect required to be a true leader are all critical to your ultimate success.

Next to leadership comes politics, how to survive and thrive in large corporations, regardless of their cultural background, how to present yourself in the right way, at the right time, to the right people are all skills just as real as knowing how to read a P&L. Get top level executive mentoring now to make sure that as well as your investment in an MBA you also invest in learning how to find the inside track and stay on it all the way to the top. You need to learn key leadership principals, presentation skills and much more.

Within these subjects there are several things you need to know that a lot of people do not want to talk about. While ‘be yourself’. ‘work hard’ and ‘deliver’ are all sound principals – have you ever wondered what else separates the rising stars from everyone else?

We have come from the bottom of the pile to sustained leadership positions at an executive level. Although we do not have all the answers, we are sure we might have a few that could help you.

Here are the type of ways in which we may be able to work with you!

Presentation skills: you may think you have what it takes to present, but do you really? whether it is fair or not many careers are made or broken by how someone can present.

In one session we will go through: presentation skills basics, body language, NLP, verbal do’s/don’t, politics of the boardroom, powerpoint pointers, story boarding, memory aids, keeping audience attention, impact and much more. Through direct presentation, video examples, group sessions, breakout sessions and in class video review you will walk away with either a completely new skill-set, or a significantly enhanced and/or reinvigorated set. You will also get written personal feedback and pointers to help you.

All these same skills apply in other situations besides formal presentations such as job interviews, 1/1’s with management, peer management, and sales situations.

We can point to specific presentations we have made over the past 20 years that resulted in being major career turning points. We also started out as a poor presenters; and nowadays we get much more positive feedback on how well we present and that it is perceived as ‘natural’. Although you are not ‘natural’, you can learn these skills!

Even though we can provide 1/1 feedback and help this session is best performed in a group setting (10-14 people max). If you can get together with your classmates and form a class we can get a session organized (minimum one full day 9-6pm). Contact us to discuss further on timing and cost.

Leadership skills: So why would you privately invest in learning anything on ‘leadership’? It’s already somewhere going to be covered in your MBA, and an exam (usually there are none on leadership) will be a breeze compared to finance or economics right? if you are a typical MBA profile you are already ambitious, have had experience and success, probably you already see yourself as a leader right? but how do other people see you?

Your long term success is unlikely to be determined by how well you read a P&L, how good your marketing ideas are or how good you understand economics. Your long term career (assuming you want to be a VP or CEO) will primarily be driven by how well you lead, and how you are perceived as a leader in your organization.

In a half day session we will talk about leadership, do’s and don’t, great and poor leaders and lessons learned. We will also extensively cover politics in organizations and how you can successfully walk the tightrope between motivating and inspiring people at the same time you need to inspire and motivate your upper management.

Taught best in a class of 6-12 people this session can also be done 1/1 is really desired. Minimum 4 hour session.

Mentoring 1/1: although there are many ways to structure this if you are looking for a mentor and 1/1 guidance then we can make it happen. Timescales and cost are flexible.

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