Experiential MBA Online

I always dreamed to have an MBA accreditation added to my CV, but never felt to have the time available doing it?

How is it possible to do an MBA next to my current busy life?

I find it difficult to absorb lots of theories and I am very practical oriented, too busy with my current work?

Companies know they have to invest to survive, or in the long run it means losing business!

Is my company prepared to invest in me?

How can I make myself more valuable for the company I am working in?

I can only enjoy the learning by just doing it, instead of feeling the burden to follow boring teaching lessons?

I want to be in control of what I am doing and therefore to also apply relevant things in my own learning?

Is there at all an attractive MBA program available with a good quality for a reasonable price and giving me the possibility to plan the time spending on it myself?

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