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Peopleforest™ is offering the La Salle Experiential MBA Online, which is formed by different modules or real business scenarios.

To obtain the degree it is necessary to complete a total of six modules. Five of them are mandatory and the sixth is of free choice.

Mandatory Modules:

Finance: Cash Crisis – Analyze and solve SMEs problems

You will work as a financial consultant, helping a family that owns a bodega (winery) to solve a cash crisis that hinders them when seeking to renew a bank loan.

You will start by making a financial analysis in order to identify the business problems; an analysis of the cause is made in order to determine the underlying reasons of the problems. You will develop an action plan, including finance projections for the next 5 years that will be presented to the bank as evidence of the sound financial health of the company.

An introduction to PeopleForest™ & LaSalle’s new online MBA.

Marketing and Communication: Marketing – Launch of a new product

You will work as a member of a product launch team, whose main objective is to launch a new social network called for amateur artists. First, you will choose a role in either product marketing or marketing communication. In each role you will be working in teams of two or four students. Together, you will prepare a launch plan for this product.

You will design message architecture and preliminary market segmentation for the product. You will also identify the target market through demographic and psychographic market research. Your launch programme will include:
• Features of the total product requirements
• Identification of the barriers for adoption
• Competitive Analysis
• Market/Customer research
• Selection of a Public Relations Agency
• Market Leverage Tactics
• Communication Plan
• Selection of web tools
• Branding

Finally you will prepare a budget to support the activities you have planned. You will present and defend your plan and budget requirements before the company’s board of directors.

Operations: Supply Chain Reaction – Reengineering of a supply chain

You will work as a consultant in a Supply Chain for the company RightByte Technologies. You will help with the design of a Supply Chain modification process regarding a new product line that the company plans to sell. You will receive a Director’s report of the RightByte’s Supply Chain, which describes the actual processes and its main problems. With this information, you will have to establish the cause of the problems and to recommend solutions, evaluating the industry’s best practices and the specifics needs of the company. You will also assess Supply Chain elements, such as: supply/demand planning, logistics, warehouse management and order management, amongst others. When evaluating potential solutions, you will have to consider the potential impact that each solution will have on customer service, on the potential cost decrease and the difficulty of implementation.

Entrepreneurship: Investment Readiness – Investment and Business Plan

You will be hired as a consultant to enable the company Next.TV to go international. Next.TV has developed a software package to automise the editing department of a TV channel. You will need to perform a financial analysis and planning and to present your Project to potential venture capital partners.

Many of the main domestic TV channels have already implemented the package, and now the company wants to expand internationally.

You will start with an analysis of the company’s financial heath, assessing its financial status. Once completed, you will need to improve the financial proposition of the product and prepare an international sales plan for the next five years; you will also have to develop a marketing budget and determine the company’s financial needs and its revenue. Finally, you will create a business Plan and negotiate the details of investor offers.

Corporate Governance: Ethics and Change Management – Business in the XXI Century

You will enact the story of a small international pharmaceutical company involved in a hostile takeover bid of a smaller but highly competitive competitor. You will navigate tricky negotiations; you will have to carry out a staff reduction amongst talented and devoted individuals, and also a challenging structural reorganisation, and generally manage the roles and responsibilities that this kind of change entails in a modern corporation. Moreover, you will have to deal with complicated (sometimes conflictual) relationships between social responsibility, legal responsibility and company profits.

While you consider each episode, and criticise actions and reactions of the main characters, you will get advice on the steps to follow, and you will learn many lessons in the fields of negotiation, change management, corporate governance, legal and ethical issues, as well as dealing with different cultures. Since you will be working with a series of real representations of complicated business problems, you will test strategies that tackle those problems. In the future, you will be able to apply these same strategies when you find yourself in similar situations along your professional career path.

Optional Modules (to choose between):

Sales and Project Management: Sale and Solution Implementation

Working as a project manager for World Class Events, a company specialised in events organisation, you will first have to identify business opportunities that better fit the company’s strategy and which may generate greater economic profits.

Once the most appropriate solution has been chosen, you will have to prepare a highly persuasive presentation with a high-degree of added value for potential clients; then you will have to deal with the client and sell the Project. If you do so, your next challenge will be to start, plan, perform, execute and close the project.

eBusiness: Going Online – Launch an Online Business

An investor will contact you to explain his/her interest in opening an online business to sell gift baskets, and to get some help to start this up. Once you have performed a basic analysis that will show that this kind of business is highly replicable, the investor will let you decide on the kind of specific business that must be designed, since the investor will be interested in assuring that the user interface has a very attractive and functional touch that will impress potential buyers.

You will start to interview potential clients to understand how they buy this kind of products online, studying use patterns and identifying common problems of the process. After that, you will define functional and non- functional requirements of the website, and you will design information architectures, including content, sitemap, wireframes and, low-fi prototypes. Then, you will test the prototypes on potential users and, finally, you will select the company that will be in charge of the website construction.

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