Introduction to the Experiential MBA Online

Peopleforest™ offers the La Salle Experiential MBA Online, which is focused in the development of the necessary skills and competences to be a manager, businessman or entrepreneur capable of directing and leading organizations within a global scope and a highly competitive environment.

This education methodology is unique for an Online MBA program due to the fact that the learning process is 100 % practical: you work and learn just the way it is done in real companies, all these with a flexible schedule that allows the student to combine his/her job, master program and personal life.

This Online MBA is based on projects and activities from different companies and sectors that emulate real business situations. Unlike other online programs, this methodology converts passive listening, books and exams into critical thinking, group discussions, decision making and production of executive deliverables with the support and mentoring of experts. This is probably, the most practical and real Online MBA you will find to enhance your career as a manager, businessman or entrepreneur.

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