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Organizations know they have to invest to survive. No investments mean in the long run losing business!

This is also applicable for people and therefore also relevant for me?

Is the organisation I am working for, really interested in me as an individual and in the current economic climate, is my company prepared to invest in me?

Should I wait and see what happens or should I stay in control of myself?

How can I make myself more valuable for MYSELF and of course the company / business I am working in?

I always dreamed to have an MBA accreditation added to my curriculum vitae, but never felt to have the time available doing it?


How is it possible to do an MBA next to my current busy life?

I find it difficult to absorb lots of theories and I am very practical oriented, too busy with my current work?

I am getting the impression, I know enough for my current job and do not need more theory with long studies.

I feel by the way also a bit too old for this as well and are not a student anymore after being in business for many years.

I can only enjoy the learning by just doing it, instead of feeling the burden to follow boring teaching lessons?

I always wanted to know how it feels to be an entrepreneur and to see quick results from my efforts.

I want to be in control of what I am doing and therefore to also apply relevant things in my own learning?

Is there at all an attractive MBA program available with a good quality for a reasonable price and giving me the possibility to plan the time spending on it myself?

Does this story tell you what you sometimes feel and think yourself as well, than please continue reading!

There is now something new on the education market and unique in its kind.

The Business Engineering School (BES) of La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull developed this exciting program. Peopleforest B.V.™ is delighted to be able to make this program available for you.

Feel yourself to be in control of running your own company to address most common and practical challenges. You are being guided on line by a structured and interesting practical recognized story to take you step by step in resolving the problems you are finding on your path.

Yes, you have to do it all yourself by exploring how it is to investigate complex, but clearly recognized business scenario’s and to determine the possible options to resolve it. This is not easy and in all cases different as well. Therefore it is far more essential that you learn the methodology how to resolve and improve instead of just knowing the provided solution(s).

This on line MBA training is exactly developed by experienced business entrepreneurs to teach you this methodology by discovering it all yourself and it also gives you the freedom for innovation and creativity using the latest available teaching techniques in a virtual environment. You work also together in a management team with colleagues in a virtual team and get on going motivational support from an experienced coach who is available for you to ask for advise and to prevent you getting lost and to be able to complete your virtual business trip to turn a company around and to become successful with your recommended business plan and initiatives.

Once started, you feel running like in the middle of a role play, which is always difficult to start, but once you have started it, you never want to stop and will stay tuned and excited till the end in order to make it successful and this is why it feels completely YOURS.

The total price is Euro 15.000 for 6 MBA modules and can be paid in several instalments spread over the period of the program. Don’t waste more time as necessary and be in control of yourself.

Please click on the following link to find more details and start the enrolment procedure.

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