Why is Experiential MBA Online the best for me

A differential MBA programme amid the world of Online MBAs due to its 100% practical methodology, which provides all the skills that any director, businessman/woman or entrepreneur must have to do business in a global environment.

The student experiences almost real professional scenarios for several months in different business function areas of a company, and the skills acquired enable the participant to immediately provide added value to his/her company or job position, whilst at the same time boosting his/her professional career.

An individualized tracking of the student’s progress is carried out through the mentors, whose main mission is to empower the student’s critical thinking , develop their personal and management skills, and to help them discover solutions with the Socratic method.

The students manage their schedule in each scenario based on their knowledge and experience, which enables them to make best use of time.

A differential learning experience, since the student works and stays in contact with people from other cultures and job profiles.

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