Building Teams

One thing we believe leading companies excel at is building teams, not just as individual groups within a company, but as functioning parts that relate to each other across an organization, and that value and understand what each part contributes. From Strategy, through leadership, development, marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, customer service all of these elements need to work cohesively for the whole to succeed.

One way to drive this, while also ensuring that the talent within those areas are motivated and development effectively as future leaders, is an in-company Top Talent Training program. In many ways like a mini-MBA we can deliver a program that over the course of 12-18 months, with 1-2 week sessions at regular intervals, takes 20-30 of your identified Top Talent through their paces, as a team, in each of these disciplines. As well as advancing the knowledge of the individuals involved, this program can also act as a catalyst for change and improvement for the entire organization, especially effective when the team being trained is as diverse as possible, and coming from a dispersed geographical spread.

We advice preparing and tailoring the program to your specific company needs and strategy, but moreover to finalize the program and have significant parts of it delivered by, your leading executives. This program should not be delegated to the HR department, it should be a senior management initiated and supported program the basic goal of which is to build the foundation for future leadership in the company. We have direct experience delivering this program in large corporations and a roaster of outstanding faculty to deliver it.

In-Company Top Talent Program

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