Top Talent Training

A company’s most important asset is people and training is therefore a priority. We have developed a unique concept where we mix academic content with business expertise from both outside and inside your company to prepare people for the future. This has been very successful, because it gives an experienced reflection (a natural experience of the experienced) with real project management and action learning by managers (added experience imposed on the experienced)

How this works?

Company’s identify a group of promising persons to manage the company with the potential of taking high responsibilities, assessing every individual ability and areas where those individuals have to further improve in their management skills.

We formulate and execute the general mentoring / training / coaching program to secure that this group of persons will reach the adequate level.

The coaching is formulated with a vision in the future.
In principle the training will be based on understanding management issues, with a mix of class training and self-training on subjects such as:

• Management effectiveness
• Strategy minded combined with effective integtrated marketing & sales
• Translated into tactical execution of company’s operations
• Project management
• Cross-cultural relationships
• Your company values
• Special emphasis will be given in the financial background.

People are ready to get aligned when they understand the company vision and values.
Corporate vision and values should be expressed by the highest level in the organization to be credible

• People value the global leadership approach
• People value networking with colleagues

The formula should be continued by further involving managers to openly discuss strategic views, cross-boundaries issues and the development of a global mindset.

People develop through CHALLENGING assignments..
…this requires RISK MANAGEMENT (coaching) to avoid failure…
…but not so much that success is guaranteed and that people will never learn to deal with HARDSHIP

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