Real Business Consulting

Real business consulting is provided in various topics:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Services
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Sales
  • Executive Development
  • Business Education
  • Board Level Advisory Services
  • Cultural Awareness

In ‘real’ business consultancy we do not provide an army of inexperienced ‘suits’ who chalk up hours telling you what you already know. We do, however, engage in limited consulting projects and bring recognized (real) international business experience to the table.

Nowadays most firms are tired of business consultants. The current economic environment has no doubt hit the consulting industry hard. Many firms are stopping or slowing down spending and herds of ‘suits’ descend on them while people are being walked out the door. This is very difficult to support, not to mention that many people simply cannot afford the hourly rates of the big players in the consultancy world.

That said we are amazed with the amount of firms in trouble that still engage in expensive and time-consuming consultancy adventures – If for no other reason than to ensure certain executives inside the firm have the ‘insurance’ of ‘their’ plans having been approved by a well known external consultant. Listening to experienced people from inside the company is far more beneficial, but if you do decide that you want outside help then finding someone with real, extensive and international business experience is very hard and Peopleforest B.V.™ will be there to help you find the perfect consultant match.

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