Finding People

The cliché ‘people are our best asset’ is almost worn out by some executives (even if their actions do not support that they believe it!). At Peopleforest we do believe it. The Worlds true leading companies know it. Apple would not be where it is without attracting, retaining and developing some of the best people in the industry. Bear in mind that even though Apple is now one of the biggest and successful technology companies in the world this is a relatively new development, their people have spent years getting it to that position.

People really do make the difference to your company. How you find and treat people defines your success. This core believe was the foundation upon which Peopleforest was founded in 2010. With years of experience as a senior manager I recognize the need to have partners who can understand your business, understand the challenges of managing and development people, and who have a verified and extensive network that can help identify people. This knowledge and network of people combine as cornerstones of what Peopleforest different. We are not a recruitment house or ‘headhunter’. We start by understanding your business, then we work with you on defining or refining the role you need to fulfill, and then we leverage our network to find you prospective candidates. Most of the positions we fill we fill from within that network, which means that we already have tangible, and often direct experience of the people we are suggesting to you, based on over 20 years of industry experience. Every role we have helped to fill has led to quicker on the job productivity and long term success for both the company and the candidate.

Where we work with partners we insist on the same approach. We only work with partners who have had direct management experience, and who have access to a network of people with whom they have had some direct experience.

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