Our business experiences and requested business participation in a lot of different type of seminars resulted in taking the initiative to do the organization of seminars differently ourselves:

In 2011 we will deliver seminars in the follow areas:

• Intelligent Computing – how cloud computing, virtualization and new approaches to security can empower your people in business in the decade ahead.

• Operations 2.0 – Real Supply Chain experts from some of the worlds leading companies giving real examples of how the face of Supply Chain and Customer Service are being dramatically changed for good, and how you can adopt similar practices for the benefit of your company.

• Social Networking – a practical seminar supported by both leading visionaries of this new medium, as well as executive from companies that have found ways to harness the benefits of these mediums; some of which are now leading to dramatic shifts in how we work. In an area that can be daunting for companies to understand we will deliver straightforward explanations that cut through the hype.

More detailed information will follow later.

Please contact us for more information.

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