Experiential MBA Online

The Experiential MBA Online is focused on the development of the necessary skills and competences to be a manager, businessman or entrepreneur capable of directing and leading organizations within a global scope and a highly competitive environment.

This education methodology is unique for an Online MBA program due to the fact that the learning process is 100 % practical: Students work and learn just the way it is done in real companies, all this with a flexible schedule that allows the student to combine his/her job, master program and personal life.

The Experiential MBA Online is divided into six modules (five mandatory modules and one optional module). During the development of each module, the participant gets immersed in a business story in which he/she is the protagonist. This story takes place in real business scenarios in which even the most minimum detail is simulated; the student must assume a determinate role in the company and attend his/her boss’s and clients´ requests . Eventually, and with the help of step by step guides, different online resources, teammates as well as the mentor, the student must elaborate executive documents, present advances and defend the obtained results by following an established calendar.

Just as in real life, the Experiential MBA Online projects have objectives and assigned milestones (delivery terms). The scenarios have a duration (from 12 to 18 weeks) that emulates those of real projects and that are necessary to acquire, based in the practice and experimentation, the programmed skills in each module.

The weekly study hours will depend on the previous experience and knowledge of each participant in the field that he/she is studying. A person that has no experience at all in a concrete module must have a maximum dedication of 15 to 20 weekly hours, equivalent to the dedication that any face to face MBA program demands, where the student attends the classes and additionally dedicates some study time to prepare exercises or to meet with his/her teammates.

This weekly dedication also includes meetings with the entire class, as well as individual or group follow-up sessions with the mentors. These activities are all planned, they do not last more than three hours a week and the schedules are determined with the help of the tutor.

This is, without a doubt, a natural working methodology, easy to follow and where the support and direct relation with the mentors allow a constant contact to solve doubts and to be motivated during the program.

If you want to find out more about Experiential MBA Online, you can make an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.

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