Other Training

Other Training is:
• To see value added to your company from start to finish.
• To capture the attention, interest and curiosity of everyone in the room from the opening second and to leave people inspired, impressed and appreciative from every session.
• To share at least one thing you learn with a colleague, employee, manager, friend or loved one.
• To feel challenged and still have fun.

Anything less, than all of the above, means that we failed to do what we set out to.

Executive development

Are you an MBA or an Executive MBA student?
Are you ambitious?
Do you want to become a Director, VP or CEO in a major corporation?
Are you frustrated or concerned that regardless of how much you know, how much you learn and how much accreditation you get academically that you still may not make it up the ladder as you would like?
Do you feel others are progressing faster than you and you don’t know why?
Click here to check out how you can get some help to get where you want to be.

Business education

Today we frequently speak in business schools and at private sessions with firms on a variety of subjects. There has been overwhelming positive feedback (see reviews) from all the sessions which is humbling and challenging – challenging because every next time needs to be even better!!
At the moment the primary area of interest is Strategy. We can offer anything from 1 hour to several days of sessions on Strategy alone, depending on how in depth you want to go and how many people you wish to involve. We can also offer tailored classes/sessions on specific areas of interest or use the case study method.

Board level advisory services

At the moment we are involved with several large firms and several start-ups. If, for example, your firm is in the technology sector as either a producer or a service provider and there is a likely match between my skill-set and a gap in your board structure, or if you simply want an external experienced executive to either facilitate a strategic discussion, review a plan under development, or be a disruptive (& constructive) independent voice for any key discussions that you may be having on strategy, restructuring or operational review – then contact us

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