Executive summary

Peopleforest B.V.™ brings practical knowledge to people, who want to stay tuned to best and also innovative practices in their business. Because time is money and limited available for each individual in business, it is essential to get just the information you need for you to decide where to continue further focus.

General company description

We realize that it is important for you to get relevant and illustrative information in a pragmatic approach which you definitely will enjoy and find practical to use.

The no nonsense approach of Peopleforest B.V. resulted in developing interesting products and services, which are delivered in a stunning way to make it interesting for you and never to forget. Experienced professionals who know the business guarantee that you get what you need and will give you inspiration to take on board new energy to boost your business to a higher level.

Peopleforest B.V. is a company established by 2 entrepreneurs who are applying their business experience gained in leading global organizations.

Background of Paul Hartong

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Drivers to create Peopleforest.

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