Mission Statement
Developing company’s main assets being people in a very balanced and practical approach, who are able to make the difference in entrepreneurship to drive innovative leadership!

Company Goals and Objectives
Our Company Goal is to be considered as a partner with knowledge who is able to successfully support people in achieving their personal and company goals.
We want every session, talk, lecture or consulting project we lead to rock.
We want companies we work with to see the value add from start to finish in every engagement.
We want to capture attention, interest and curiosity of everyone in the room from the opening second.
We want people to leave inspired, impressed and appreciative from every session.
We want people to share at least one thing they learn with a colleague, employee, manager, and friend or loved one.
We want people to feel challenged and still have fun.
Anything less, than all of the above, is failure in what we do.

Our market for our services are people and organizations who appreciate to have a trustworthy source in getting information on upcoming teaching & seminar activities and to get a framework for services offered on consulting and education.

Our starting point is the High-tech industry, but depending on our contacts, we might adapt our capabilities in similar industries. The current economic downturn need people, who can make a difference, know what they are doing, remain practical and demonstrate leadership to move an organization in a new innovative direction to become more competitive in their industry.

Peopleforest B.V.™ owns decades of business experiences applied in various customer oriented functions in combination with teaching others by using the unique model mix of competition benchmarking, academic input together with the company in-house business knowledge.

Peopleforest B.V.™ was formed as a vehicle to give information on upcoming teaching & seminar activities and to give a framework for products & services offered on consulting and education.

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