Paul Mooren: Managing Director (a)Cross Supply Chains BV

Paul has a massive network within the Supply Chain and Operations management world from which he can tap into to fulfill your interim or full time position requirements with a level of experience and quality that is difficult to find with other companies. Paul also intervenes himself in complex startup’s and/or companies who are restructuring their Operational Processes in order to cope with further growth.

Ricard Molins: Corporate Sales Department Manager – BES La Salle university
La Salle Business School choose Peopleforest as a partner for market development of
international post graduate programs because of their unique approach to people. Paul Hartong supported the development of this program as a Subject Matter Expert for the Supply Chain management module. We have developed an online MBA that is completely new in its approach, and to deliver it to the market we need partners who understand and share our specific vision, Peopleforest fulfill that requirement hands down.

Our whole philosophy is to deliver post graduate programs with a practical, flexible and experience-led approach; Peopleforest have understood and engaged with us on that vision from the beginning.

Javier Higeras – Experiential MBA online manager – BES La Salle University
As well as helping us to launch and deliver our online MBA program internationally Paul Hartong from peopleforest personally developing the critical operations module of the program and acts as one of our leading mentors on the program. This sets peopleforest apart in their approach and takes our engagement to a level of partnership we know will yield stunning results.

Tammy Berman Ph.D. – Vice President Design Organisation: Socratic Arts, USA
I am a course/program learning designer who works with subject matter experts to design and develop instructional courses for companies and higher ed degree programs. I worked with Paul Hartong last year in developing a course in Supply Chain Management for a learning-by-doing MBA program. Paul is not only an cutting-edge expert in the field of supply chain management, but he made it truly a privilege and delight to work with him. Paul exudes immense enthusiasm for the work he does. He was highly invested in our project, quickly and masterfully producing significant amounts of data to support our fictional case, teaching our development team the subject matter on long calls through which he never tired, contributing focused effort toward helping us craft learning activities that would challenge and provide effective experiences for the learners, and reading through the teams’ work to ensure they built materials that best supported the instructional content and case context. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Paul again in the future.

Karin Menses – CIO in the Netherlands
Paul Hartong is a change management leader capable of working internationally in cross-functional teams in highly complex and fast moving environments. His leadership capabilities are second to none and his ability to function both tactically and strategically are vital assets.

Tijmen Kos , Finance Director EMEA, Sun Microsystems International B.V.
Paul is a people person, for many years I have seen him develop people and teams, often in incredibly difficult circumstances, while always successfully achieving company goals.

Marcel van Kanten, Senior Social Media Consultant – KREM
KREM have been thrilled to work with peopleforest in developing a leading executive Social Media program. In an area that is moving as fast as social media delivering programs that really add value is difficult and requires an adaptive mindset and flexible approach: Peopleforest demonstrated this at every step and we look forward to a long term collaborative relationship with them.

Amal Le Collen, Program Manager – BES La Salle University:
Paul has massive project management expertise; as a professor and program manager at La Salle of project management in a leading university I am very familiar with the most critical character aspects required to make a great project manager, Paul possesses those capabilities in the highest sense possible and working with him you are assured of outstanding quality as well as practical access to the latest training techniques with international certifications in project management such as ILL and Prince 2.

Victor Willems, Nike: Director of Europe Lean Business Solutions/Enterprise Solutions & Technology Services
Paul Hartong is an extremely experienced Supply Chain professional. Marrying together his in depth knowledge of the field, and outstanding characteristics as a leader of people, Paul has led various advanced and very complex Supply Chain Solution implementations in companies like Apple and Epson.

Denis Doyle, Vice President Business Development – Syncreon:
Paul combines a highly factual based approach with intuitive people skills to get the most out of any situation he manages. A pleasure to work with and a constant source of learning, he contributes to every project and company he works with in a partnership, people-centric manner that sets him apart as a leader.

Feargal Mac Conuladh, former VP Epson, Lenovo, Director Technova Innovation Park, Barcelona Spain.
In the field of people development and HR activity it is rare to find a professional like Paul, who has first built his career as an Operations executive. This gives Paul a unique ability to understand customer and company problems before helping them to find solutions. It makes him a unique collaborator who quickly offers a degree of confidence and quality in terms of what he delivers that is surely hard to beat.

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