MBA Online, Unique in its kind

An introduction to the Experiential MBA Online.

Methodology of Dr. Schank

In this video, Dr. Schank talks about the methodology he recently invented, and how this methodology can be applied to education.

Background of Paul Hartong

Learn more about Paul Hartong, founder and general manager of Peopleforest

Drivers to create Peopleforest.

Learn more about the drivers that resulted in the establishment of Peopleforest.

The main services delivered by Peopleforest

Learn more about the most important aspects of services that Peopleforest wants to deliver.

Recruiting people

Various training and Online MBA

Learn more about the most important aspects of the various training offerings and the Online MBA program.

Developing & Coaching People

Learn more about real business consultancy.

In-Company Top Talent Program

Learn more about how Peopleforest is able to deliver an added value training using both the knowledge in your organisation merged with academic content.

Reaching People by organising seminar

Learn about the planned seminars Peopleforest is organising to share knowledge and information.

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